Helping businesses transition to employee and community ownership

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Helping business owners sell businesses to employees

Transitioning to employee ownership is a great way build a legacy. Employee owned businesses stay in our communities and strengthen the local economy. Strong local businesses provide quality jobs and preserve a company’s history while making the community stronger.

Employee/Community owned businesses

  • retain and secure employees better than privately owned enterprises

  • maintain the legacy of founders and business history better than 3rd party buyers

  • facilitates staff empowerment and loyalty, leading to greater business tenacity and efficiency

  • Support local communities by providing local jobs

  • provide a viable business succession model

How we can help

  • Provide a feasibility assessment and recommendation report for any business

  • Provide introductions to support organizations to fill any skills gaps that may exist

  • Work directly with employee group during the transition and beyond to ensure continued success

  • Contact us with any questions you may have

Assisting employees buying businesses

Buying a business provides tremendous value to yourselves and your community. We strongly recommend a Cooperative Business model with its extensive support network. Cooperative management practices may be the best kept secret in Canadian business!

Employee/Community owned businesses

  • Represent $61.2 billion, 3.4% of Canadian GDP (compared with 1.8% mining and 0.9% manufacturing)

  • Have greater tenacity and continuity at all levels of the organization

  • Are more stable and survive adversity favourably when compared with privately owned companies

  • Support local communities by providing local jobs

  • Have support networks to help fill skills gaps and provide ongoing training (if needed)

How we can help

  • Feasibility assessments and skills gap analysis for employee groups

  • Finance requirements and solutions

  • Negotiation support and strategic planning

  • Governance, policy, and incorporation document support as required

  • Ongoing guidance, training, and professional services available

  • Contact us to discuss your opportunity

Exploration and education for anyone interested in maintaining strong local economies

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ describes the $1.5 Trillion in business assets that will change hands in the next 10 years. These businesses represent ⅓ of Canada's private sector workforce in our communities. Keeping these organizations in our communities benefits everyone. Converting from private ownership to employee/community ownership is one way to build a better future.

SME owners today

    • 72% of business owners plan to retire in the next decade

    • 59% of Canadian entrepreneurs are 55+ years of age

    • 81% of these owners plan to sell their businesses

    • 38% have made no efforts toward succession planning

    • only 14% have a formal plan

How we can help

    • Professional development seminars for business owners

    • Awareness training for financial advisors

    • Customized courses can be tailored to community needs

    • Courses are suitable for chamber members, financial advisors working with business owners, community economic development teams, and others.

    • Reach out with your ideas and we are happy to explore any options